Certified Asset Protection Program Financial Planning

Welcome to the information page for the Certified Asset Protection Planner (CAPP) program. 

CAPP is the sole Asset Protection designation or certification in the industry. 

Why should you learn about asset protection? 

You can not provide your clients with an adequate estate, financial, or business plan without incorporating asset protection into each plan.   As a financial planner, CPA/EA/accountant, attorney, insurance agent, or mortgage broker, you carry unique personal liability. By becoming a CAPP certified advisor, you will be able to protect yourself while learning how to better serve your clients.  If you are not able to properly advise your clients on asset protection, someone else will. If you can learn about asset protection and apply it to aiding your clients you will have a leg up on your competitors.  While currently few advisors know proper asset protection planning techniques, it is a hot topic and many so called asset protection experts are out there trying to get business from anyone and everyone who has money.  That could include your clients.

Should You Become a CAPP™ Advisor? You should if you are looking for the most powerful topic available to grow your practice.  When you can show a client literally in less than 1 minute why they are not asset protected, you will get their attention and keep it. You should if you would like to know how to protect your assets from creditors(remember professionals have unique and more dangerous "personal" liability). ​You should if you do not know the following topics in detail and how they can help you protect your wealth and that of your clients. The CAPP Program covers: ​ Domestic LLCs, FLPs and offshore asset protection trusts, Captive Insurance Companies (CICs), “Freeze” Partnerships, Fixed Indexed Annuities, The Maximizer, Life Insurance, A/R Financing/Leveraging, Long-Term Care Insurance, Disability Insurance and many more topics.