If you have not yet taken a certification course and are considering taking one, you have come to the right place if you are interested in learning unique practical tools to help high income and/or high net worth clients.We recommend that you click here to take a look courses in the CWPP™ program. We recommend that you click here to take the FREE examination so you can determine if you can benefit by taking the CWPP™ course. All we ask at The WPI is that you take some time to surf the various links of this site and determine for yourself if becoming a CWPP™ advisor is in your best interest and that of your clients. For questions, please call 269-216-9978 or email info@thewpi.org.    Should You Become a CWPP Advisor? -You should if you are looking for the most powerful education course in the industry. -You should if you are looking to significantly grow your practice and earn more money. -You should take the course if you do not know--in detail---the following topics and how they can help your clients protect, preserve and grow their wealth. Some topics you will learn about in the Certified Wealth Preservation Planning Course are: ​Domestic LLCs, FLPs and offshore asset protection trusts, "Freeze" Partnerships, "Advanced" College Planning, Section 79 Plans, Equity Indexed Annuities, The Maximizer, 401k Plans, New Comparability PSPs, Defined Benefit and 412(e)3 Defined Benefit Plans (Cash Balance and Carve Out Plans), ESOPs, Life Settlements, Life Insurance, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Gift Annuities, Family Foundations, Qualified Pension Insurance Partnerships, Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts, A/R Financing/Leveraging, Medicaid Planning, Corporate Structure and more!

Certified Wealth Preservation Planner

 Welcome to the information page for the Certified Wealth Preservation Planner (CWPP) certification. Simply put, the CWPP™ is the only "advanced" certification course in the industry. If you want to deepen your understanding of wealth preservation concepts and advise clients on retirement planning and income replacement the CWPP course is a great step.

To download a course outline for the CWPP™ program, click here. 
The WPI is starting a webinar series for the CWPP course. If you miss the start of this series, it will be recorded and made accessible to anyone who signs up for the course.

While you may already be a CPA/EA/accountant, attorney, or have a CFP, CLU, etc., designation, if you have not taken the CWPP™ course, you are missing out on a unique opportunity to grow your practice and provide "the best" advice to your clients.